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Come on then

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Come on then, want to try me?
Want to see the violence i used to be capable of?
Want to see warrior Pete again do you?
I want to rip myself to shreds.
I want to stop this.
I will walk away, i will not fight you, i will fight myself.
Never run, stand up, be counted, no fear, no fear.
me, myself & I -

breath, just breath..... try to slow down your thinking..... get some ice cubes and hold onto them or throw them down your shirt - it'll distract your train of thought.

i'm sorry you are feeling this way.
Peeeete :(

I'm sorry honey. I know it's crap for you right now, and I wish I could provide those elusive words of comfort to take your hurt away. If I could, I really would.

However, all I can offer is my friendship, my care, and an ear.

I hope you are okay. I am thinking of you.

:wub: you, honey.
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