Come on!!

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    Come on man, you're 55 years old and yet you're staring off into space like a stoned teenager while your machine fills up two feet in front of you?! It makes a loud noise and fills with a brown liquid and you don't notice that?! I guess a lifetime of ding dongs and moon pies has the same brain cell killing effect as drugs and alcohol? Damn man, we walk on a one inch thick steel grate, I've never felt it bend under anyone's weight before you! News Flash! A plate full of banana flavored twinkies is not a serving of fruit!! Eat a salad once this year. I've been called a patient man before but two more days training you in this job?? Two more minutes and I'm going to lose it.
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    Right U R Ken Well-Known Member

    And yes, I know I shouldn't be down on someone because of their weight but for that steel grate to bend is just too much, a bit scary as I also stand on it. But my real issue is with his denseness. Jeez, I've never see anything like it before. I came no where near mentioning it all.