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Comedies of my Life

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These are just some of the comedies in my life

  • I try to help people but it seems like I'm hurting them more.
  • Im in love with with a childhood friend... Who has died four years ago.
  • I try to achieve high but im sidetracked by my depression.
  • I have trusted a few people in my life. All have passed away except one but I think I have hurt her.
  • I saw a hit and run... When I was all alone... When I was 9
  • I don't want to live but I am afraid of dying
  • I feel like I'm all alone.
  • I am 14. I want to kill myself.

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Hi hun sorry you are in so much sadness and pain. You are 14 you said i think you need to talk to someone hun about how you are feeling. Talk to a councillor at your school a teacher you trust talk to your parents okay get help to deal with the trauma you saw. A therapist can help you with that. I am glad you are reaching out here and i hope you continue to reach out to the people around you Don't hold on to the pain talk to someone okay anyone hugs
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