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Comfortable in chatroom?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by WhyMeWhy, Sep 24, 2007.


Do you feel comfortable in the chatroom

  1. Yes in large groups

    6 vote(s)
  2. No in large groups

    3 vote(s)
  3. Yes in small groups

    15 vote(s)
  4. No in small groups

    0 vote(s)
  5. Yes everywhere

    19 vote(s)
  6. No not at all

    22 vote(s)
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  1. WhyMeWhy

    WhyMeWhy Well-Known Member

    Chat can be difficult for me. I love it when people come in then leave immediately, it's like they don't like the people in chat. Also in large chat groups I'm lost...feel like walknig into a party where people don't know you, & you haven't been invited. Besides I type too slowly to keep up in the population.
    But small groups of chatters I'm ok with.
  2. I often feel the same in chat.And in life.Dont fit in.Or dont feel that i do.Dont feel comfortable.

    im sorry that you feel some of these similar things especially in chat but i can understand. i wish i had wise words for you or could comfort you but hope it helped to get it out.

    Someone Struggling
  3. $MyName

    $MyName Well-Known Member

    I usually feel fine with it.
  4. Christianv2

    Christianv2 Well-Known Member

    I would feel comfortable in a group of maybe 5-8 but more than that I tend to not be involved.
  5. rojomi

    rojomi Banned Member

    :tongue:Chat sucks, its a MEATING room:laugh:
  6. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    I dont go in chat because everyone is all friends and they dont tlk to me more than hi.
  7. WhyMeWhy

    WhyMeWhy Well-Known Member

    I think the conversation is so involved w/ them that they don't notice anything else. Or maybe not having speakers is a prob 'cause there's a loud female-robo-voice screaming "Welcome" at me everytime someone logs in. Kinda hard to ignore that. :laugh:
  8. rojomi

    rojomi Banned Member

    Interesting to note that the individuals who dominate chat have disregarded this thread, so far. :dry:
  9. rojomi

    rojomi Banned Member

    I dont go in chat because everyone is all friends and they dont tlk to me more than hi.

    Just one of the quotes in response to the poll. Read 'em-chat is for a very select, exclusive SMALL group who im when they don't approve of a member skype or actually meet. As for the rest, seeking support, once you've been marked by the queen of the chosen ones-forget it. chats a joke.:tongue:
    They are always looking for new meat tho, must admit. Male or female is always the main issue, just like other date-a-loser chat rooms.
  10. WhyMeWhy

    WhyMeWhy Well-Known Member

    Dude, from the very beginning of this thread I've expected to be banned from chat. It's simply a question I wondered about though.....no more. I notice some poeple have voted anonamously in the poll as well, leaving no comment regarding the way they voted. I even thought to make all votes public....but then no one would vote & I'm not that mean anyway. Chat can be fun......... I now expect everyone will log out the minute-nay-second I log in for daring to even speak of the negativity that might occur there.... but they should have noticed this:
    Whenever I've been in chat & seen someone being quiet(for any reason) I try talkin to them....
    Oooooohhhhhh for this comment I expect to be banned from the entire message board.......do I dare create controversy here?????????!!!!!! Well obviously........ actually I've been creatin so called "controversy" at other forums recently by accident as well.......though they won't call it an accident. "They" will say that I did it on purpose, just one reason to have me banned & now that I think of it I really don't even know who "they" are, I've never even tried to enter a chat w/ more than 7-8 people.....it's not like I dislike "them", hell I don't even know them! But shit I may be doomed for this so say goodbye to me. :rolleyes: :eek:hwell::rofl::mug::nono:
  11. I have to say that I know where y'all are coming from, but I'm one of those people who is in chat often. I've started coming less often because it doesn't seem to do me a whole lot of good, but there are people there who genuinely do care and want to help.
  12. WhyMeWhy

    WhyMeWhy Well-Known Member

    Oh I know that the people there care. I even defended them earlier in this thread:

    Blackness: "They don't talk to me"
    Me: "Chat can be involved, maybe they really don't notice?"

    But it's like this: People may be having fun having a conversation there, naturally they will say Hi to you then continue the conversation. Well, for some it's very difficult to break your way into the current conversation. Especially if everyone there is in it....so now the new person feels left out. Not good considering the nature of this forum & depending on the user's feeling's it can become all Du Hast Mich on certain people. So I have an idea: Please try & include new people who don't know what you're talkin about exactly into said conversation somehow. Me? I like to break away from the populated talk completely to talk to the new chatter about something else, I've done this....not a bad idea at all. 'Cause you can't expect everyone to really like the main conversation anyway, everybody differs as to what they like to/feel like talk(ing) about.
  13. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    Actually I voted so I didnt feel the need to reply here. Do I feel comfortable in chat, for the most part yes I do...sometimes I feel out of place if I don't know whats going on.

    Happy now someone that "dominates" chat replies..and by the way we don't dominate chat..i find that laughable. Chat is for everyone
  14. emma-louise

    emma-louise Guest

    As i seem to be one you would class as "dominating" in chat i felt that if you look at the poll results, the majority of people seem comfortable everywhere on chat .. And chat is not just a meeting room, if you actually came in more often you would see that we have a laugh and help people when they need it, there are times when people get ignored but majority of the time it's by accident because it's so busy in chat, and for others who think that we just say hi and ignore you maybe if you said more than just hi we would reply to what you say, we aren't just here for friendship and everyone is here for support ..
  15. danni

    danni Chat Buddy

    No one really dominates the chat room i mean i'm in the almost everyday having fun and support others. But we do help alot of ppl out there when they need support of someone to tlk to. its just when we try to tlk to them they tell us to fuck off or something when we just want to help out. but i agree with emma and kellz the chat is for everyone not just a couple of ppl.
  16. Spearmint

    Spearmint Well-Known Member

    Hm, I guess I'd be one of those people who "dominate chat."
    I say hi to everyone, I ask them how they are, etc, or at least I try. And then if they don't say anything else, what am I supposed to do? Anyways, I voted, and it would seem that most people are comfortable in chat, and there are times when I don't even know what's going on, you just have to deal with it and try to say more. Or PM someone if you're shy. :dunno:
  17. WhyMeWhy

    WhyMeWhy Well-Known Member

    "dominate" was just the wrong word to use, rojojmi.......they may come out in droves to defend themselves now. :hide:
    Another interesting note: I voted yes, in small groups. & havan't been there since, though I noticed a small group recently. Since this thread I expect an all out war against me....... but chat is not a place to bring your probs(though they subroom for that). Main chat is supposed to be about jokin around/havin fun/etc. and so that's what happens there. Even when the mods beg people to stop & no one listens-I find that funny, sorry mods-it's completely innocent fun. There are 16 in chat at this very moment, so noone needs this thread to help populate chat.....I just wanted to know the majority answer to the question this thread is entitled.
  18. rojomi

    rojomi Banned Member

    You're right, dominate was the wrong word. I couldn't care less-I visit the forum less & less and don't have any use for chat here. Nothing to gain or offer there. And of course they, whoever "they" are, would come out in droves.
    I have no idea who's in chat 99.9% of the time because I don't spend my time here much at all. "laughable" would be a good word to describe some of the responses to the question
    Excellent poll & thread to post tho.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 26, 2007
  19. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    Why is this thread laughable? The OP just wanted some people's opinions bc he/she might feel awkward in chat. I think that's rude to say that to someone you don't even know.
  20. ashla86

    ashla86 Active Member

    I enter chat room rooms but then I can never think of what to say when I go in them.
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