Comforting Nightmares

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by TheAngelOfMusicalDeath, Dec 22, 2006.

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    I await the day when I will slip into a slumber, a slumber that may hold me
    For the nightmares of the dream realm haunt and comfort me so tenderly
    As the ghoulish fiends gather round, filling me with a terror unlike any other
    Any other being what I experience when I am awake, and in the land of the living

    Comforting nightmares swirl violently, while the bad dreams sooth me
    Cleansing me of the days ordeal, as the delusion slowly consumes my mind.
    Soft toned beings gather round, each with a face of one of my own
    Reflections of me, and that which I am, everything about my being

    The depression of the dream seems happy to what I know
    As the being dissipate, and the nightmares refuse to show
    As slowly I open my moon drenched eyes
    And begin the real nightmare, known as my life.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.