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Comibg back?

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by xXWhateverItTakesXx, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. xXWhateverItTakesXx

    xXWhateverItTakesXx Forum Buddy

    A while back I had this voice. It would tell me to do stuff, and would get worse until I did it. I somehow fought it and it kinda went, but it's always kinda been there.

    And it came back..I think in full swing last night. I could hear screaming, and laughing( at me) and something shouting in my head that I was a failure and I don't belong here. I could hardly breathe, and it took over I had no control.

    I'm scared it will happen again tonight..I won't sleep..:sad::sad:
  2. Oceans

    Oceans Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you were able to fight the voices in the past, this shows how determined you are to win this battle of voices. It sounds you are having it tough of late, can you find any trigger that has made it more difficult to abate the voices which are urging you to do it. for example, change of meds or events, etc.

    I feel I don't belong either. Perhaps, we can form a group together for people who don't belong.

    I hope you were able to sleep ok and you are hanging on.