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  1. Krow1125

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    My depression was getting better for a little bit but things are becoming crap again. My girlfriend and I have gotten into two fights since Saturday and I'm getting sick of it. On Saturday, I was apparently the asshole and was getting blamed by her, her cousin, and her sister. All of it caused by me wanting to see her and me feeling like she didn't want to be with me. We talked it over and it got better. Then today, her cousin brought it up and things went downhill from there. I just wanted to kiss her and she pushed me away cause she didn't feel like it. I mentioned it about an hour or two ago and we got into this argument about how all i want is sex and how she is the only one doing anything to help the relationship. I was getting extremely pissed until she mentioned us separating. At that moment, I wanted xxxx. She knows I'm suicidal and would probably do it if we separated. Now i feel like just giving up cause I don't think our relationship will get any better and I can't live without her.
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    Hi and welcome...hope you find the support you want here...welcome again, J
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    hi krow, welcome..

    maybe you should tell her what you've just posted here, it'd be a start to mending your relationship...and please never end your life because of someone else, they wouldn't want that and you're better than that x
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