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    I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right section but I just wanted to see if anyone else has been through a similar situation to me?-

    long story short I suffered from severe depression and anxiety a couple of years ago and was planning on killing myself. now 2 years later I am free of depression for over a year (yay!) and don't have too much anxiety anymore either. The last 2 years though since finishing education I've just stayed at home, too scared to get a job in fear I'll relapse. I needed to spend the first year recovering from that severe depression and the second year (the past year) I've been applying for jobs. Sometimes the reality of actually having a job hits me and I get so nervous worrying about how a job could trigger relapse. I know logically I can't know whether a job will be good or bad but going off past experience (lacking in confidence, bad experiences with friends, getting stressed or down easily) I worry it will be, and therefore make me have a depression relapse. What happened a couple of years ago was so horrible it's scared me for life I guess.

    Anyone else have this worry? How did you get over it/transition back into "the real world" after a huge break from it?
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    I had this worry when I started college in September that I would fail like I did in 2012 and get panic attacks and cut again. Unfortunately I was right, only 2 weeks into college, I was going crazy and left, getting panic attacks and even after leaving college I cut over the experience. I know THIS doesn't help but it might help you to prepare first! You could blossom just as much as you could fail so keep an open mind, in fact you are most likely to be successful if you know your triggers and you do :)

    Others might not get it but I totally get where you are coming from.
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    My son locked himself away for ten years.
    The job centre worked with him and did wonders.
    Instead of shoving him into full time employ, he went on a trial basis for a month and then the company offered him part time work so as to in break him in gently.
    He's never looked back. :)

    This might be the best way for you to find your feet too.
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    It is really impossible to know what the future will bring and if something will make things better or worse until we try, but you can try to minimize things. AS mentioned above, try looking for part time work to start with as a possibility or work with a therapist or job counselor- discuss your concerns and formulate a safety plan ahead of time to help look for warning signs for example. It may give you the extra confidence you need to be successful if you know you are fully prepared for any eventuality.
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