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    All my friends, i think, know i'm a lesbian. Well, knew, then i started going out with Darren, which confused them. Then i finally realized, properly came out, and yea.
    I was gonna tell my parents, well mom, the other day. I was gonna say 'me and darren split up' and she would say 'whys that' and i would say 'cos i finally realized i'm a lesbian.' But i couldnt say it. Everytime i get her alone and think about telling her, i can't.
    Any advice?
  2. fromthatshow

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    What are you predicting her reaction will be?
    You are young so it's tough to have distance enough from your parents if it's a negative reaction. If you think she'll be fine with it, tell her now. If not, wait a couple years :)
    glad you are being true to yourself :hug:
  3. snowraven

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    Hi Lena, as Fromthatshow says you need to think about your mums reaction. Only you can know how open minded she is about things like this. If you think she would freak then maybe you should keep quiet. If you think she could be ok with it maybe you should tell her but only if you want to. If she is aware of what her daughter is like she may already have some suspicions. Parents aren't all stupid and she wasn't born yesterday. If you can talk to her about it I think that would be great. It could even bring the two of you closer together. Best of luck. Maybe chat with you about it later. Love and hugs. S.xx:smile:
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    I Had the same problem..I got tired of having two lives... I took my mother to a theraphy session.. had my sister in law come just incase my mother couldn't drive. My fear was being disowned. My mother was at shock after the words came out. She turned white as a sheet I thought she was going to pass out. After i told the rest of my family they were angry and cryed. But it felt so freeing to let it out. I They don't agree with my life style, but they want me to me happy..yet they don't want to be around it.meaning my gf they never want to meet. You will know when your ready takes time but don't put pressure on yourself you need to tell them at this moment..
  5. Jooper62

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    sorry it would not let me edit... You will know when your ready takes time but don't put pressure on yourself you do not need to tell them at this moment ..