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Communication in the modern age...

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At the risk of sounding elderly in my twenties, does anyone else feel like despite the ever expanding plethora of ways to communicate it has actually in some fashion become more difficult to communicate clearly and sincerely? I feel like at least half the time I'm playing a kid's game of Telephone, but via text, IM, social media, etc. I was always bad at that game on the playground and I'm even worse at it now. Can't tell if it's me, technology, other people, or more likely a combo of all of the above, but whichever way...It's like my father's driving "short-cuts", mostly we don't actually get where we're trying to go any faster and half the time we end up lost or late.
This does not however keep me from playing with my Droid and secretly wanting an iPhone. Or hypocritically posting this caffeine fueled babble to a social media site...
Making plans with friends does not actually go faster or take less effort via text. Or such has been my experience. Mostly, wires just seem to get crossed. And I loathe not being able to read emotions. At least via phone there is vocal tonality to clue you in, even if there aren't facial expressions. The technology that is so popular among my peers has made it even more easy to perpetuate dishonesty, literal and emotional. And more and more depressed people that I know have disconnected themselves from real world interaction in exchange for social media based interaction. One of my closest friends in the world just announced that she was being committed, but she has so few friends left in the real world she announced it via Twitter.


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I'm 17, and I agree fully so no worries about seeming old :D

Anyway, it's very true, and I also read something about our brains becoming more used to small packets of information (like texting, etc.) and it becoming harder to read for our generation. I would like to point out, however, that I can still read 2 books a week if i put my mind to it :P
Not being a part of a social networking site or "being left out in a world that is connected" is another problem along with its opposite of not being connected in the real world and turning to social media. And if those two combine then life can be very depressing...
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