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  1. BelovedDreamer

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    I am so afraid of being alone
    But I am too tired to be around you.
    I am plagued
    By this overwhelming need to know.
    Full understanding eludes me
    In so many ways.
    I argue
    in a surreal philosophical conversation
    a battle of belief with my father.
    Does compassion exist?
    He thrusts Buddha at me
    This white man
    With his cell phone.
    What does he know?
    He says that people are capable
    Of compassion
    Loving others as much or more as the do themselves.
    I don’t believe him.
    The human animal is
    An inherently selfish beast.
    We do nothing that does not in some way serve
    Our own needs.
    Where is his compassion
    His selflessness?
    He claims parents can love their children so.
    Then why do I endure alone
    Where he could lend me aid?
    People do not comprehend kindness.
    They think me mad
    Or weak
    For trying to do what I can, where I can.
    And maybe I have let myself be used
    And given myself where I was not wanted
    But there was no other way for me to live
    Even if it kills me in the end.
    I will pay the price again and again
    Wet dry lips and speak the words
    The only ones I’ve ever meant
    Take what you need
    Till I am fully drained
    Emptied out upon the world
    My need to be taken complete.
    There is no rest for me as a living being
    I will keep on striving
    Dying measure by measure
    Under the stranglehold of my ideals.
    They’re really not ideal for a life in reality.
  2. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    Nicely written. :hug:
  3. So beautifully put Beloved, so determined. Thanks for picking up on a theme I was on about this week in other realms. I thought I'd share. I was glad for your words kindred... I merely echo them

    P.S. I really love your last line
    "They’re really not ideal for a life in reality."...


    * * *


    For some among us,
    too often,
    it feels like everything is out of control.
    A slow slide into desperation happens
    when feeling like a feather in a hurricane.
    Never knowing where one will land,
    or be tossed up again.
    In a world where we like
    (cling to)
    our semblance of order,
    this is tremendously hard to cope with.
    Some would blithely recommend,
    “Go with the flow”.
    Yet I saw a sign a few years ago that stated,
    “Only dead fish go with the flow”.
    So, it is hard to know sometimes whether to fight,
    or give in to circumstance ~
    giving in seems to break all the rules we’ve set up
    for how things should be.
    It makes one feel like the unworthiest of failures.
    Yet everyone will at one time experience something
    that will shake if not shatter
    the very foundations
    of all that was previously held sacred.
    For all the ‘infrastructures’ within our lives,
    life inevitably happens
    while you’re busy making other plans.
    It’s a shock to the system.
    Oh, there is indeed healing.
    And there’s ‘rolling with the punches’.
    But sometimes one can become punch-drunk.
    We do not as a culture in general
    like to look at those
    who’ve fallen through the cracks,
    do not see them as victims of too much,
    or too little ~
    would rather judge and blame.
    But they’re all around us in each moment.
    This breaking down can happen
    to even the strongest among us ~
    a disconcerting notion.
    Yet as a chain,
    we’re only ever as strong as our weakest link.
    Take true compassion
    and make it thine rod,
    to walk upon this long road with…
    One day someone else’s may hold you up,
    lift you when you’ve fallen.
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  4. theleastofthese

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    Beautiful!:smile: Both of you!!!:smile: :smile: Thanks for sharing with us!:smile: :smile: :smile:


  5. Datsik

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    Yeah both are nice :smile:
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