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:mad: I'm a really compeditive person. It gets pretty annoying. Anyway I go to this diet and exercise class (Probably not a good idea as pretty soon they'll want me to put on weight [[I hope anyway]] ) I only go cause a friend of mine wanted to lose weight and didn't want to go by herself. I jumped at the chance to lose weight. No surprise there then.

It's just fucked things up even more now.

1. My friend lost double. Yes exactly double the amount I did. :cry2: That's not fair. I'm the sick one. I want to lose more than her. I want to be the thinnest. Now I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fat. I hate this so much. How come other people can be so thin and I can't? I don't want to be "normal". I'm not pretty so I might as well be thin. grrrrr. This sucks so bad.

2. Now I'm concerned my friend is getting sick. Again not fair. This is mine. I don't want to share it. Mine!!! (I'm selfish I know. I'm not concerned about her, I'm just worried she'll get thinner than me). :cry2: She lost a stone in a matter of days so there's no question there's something wrong.

I hate this! :mad: I wish I could be happy I've lost weight. I'm not. I'm dissappointed some-one lost more than me. I'm panicing over how much I can lose in 2 weeks before I go on hoilday. I'm worrying that I'm gonna have to eat more today. And not exercise. :cry2: I wish I could feel happy again.
And now I think I've put more weight on..............
:cry2: I just ate Skinny Cow ice-cream :puke: I measured it out like. Counted the calories nd all. But why did I do that? I didn't need it. I could have had a few grapes, a big glass of water, diet coke etc but no I went nd had ice-fucking-cream!
3 pounds in 3 days. that means i could lose 10 pounds before i go 2 paris. a pound a day isnt hard 2 do. i bet that doesnt even count as an Eating Disorder? a pound a day is nothing.

i couldnt be bothered making another thread so i just wanted 2 ask here if 3 pounds in 3 days//10 pounds in 10 days is pathetic? well considering i ate almost normal 2day i think thats pretty good. oo-er! if i lose 2 pounds a day i could lose 20 pounds before i go 2 paris! oh my friekking god that would be soooo good.
blahness im so weird.


I hate it when people lose more weight than me, except that it makes me work harder so in a way it's ok I suppose. <mod edit: bunny - encouraging eating disorders>
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