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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by theshark1019, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. theshark1019

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    Words really can't come close to expressing how I feel, but they're all we have.

    Short 3 line poem I wrote just now.

    Quarter of a century.
    So many paths yet no where to go.
    Quarter of a century and nothing to show.

    Another one I just wrote right after that one.

    Crying but the tears don't show
    Inside they run, eroding my soul
    Carving a cavern so vast
    Flowing from the future into my past
    The sun passing over head
    Half way through the day and still in bed
    The clock reads one now, but soon enough two.
    Want to cry for help but what can they do?
    Days passing, passing this life by
    Drowning slowly, will this be my goodbye?

    Past poems.

    "I hate"

    I hate walking on the beach in the evening, wading in the water up to my knees
    I hate looking over the railing on a cruise ship into the sea, feeling its salty breeze
    I hate staring at a starry sky, watching from the roof on a warm summer's night
    I hate the colors of a sun setting on the horizon, in awe of the fiery sight.
    I hate hiking up long winding trails, up to the highest peak.
    I hate theme parks, passing by the coasters, hearing the riders shriek.
    I hate living in a world that rarely gives but will always take
    I hate living in this world and just need a break.

    "Winter's Hostage"

    Summer eves are far away,
    These winter nights so cold.
    Watching the world pass day by day,
    Thinking, is it too young or too old?

    Looking to a shimmering star,
    wondering of other worlds, different times.
    Why must it be so far?
    Looking for a way up, a ladder to climb.

    An icy wind shakes me to the core,
    making warm carefree days all the more distant.
    Numbness day after day, how much more?
    A frozen tear, is this how it was always meant?

    Others rejoice at the onset of spring,
    I watch through ice glazed eyes with an envious stare.
    Held captive in the winter's blustery sting.
    What else is there?

    Seasons will always pass me by
    In the end, we only live to die...
  2. *dilligaf*

    *dilligaf* Staff Alumni

    Very nice :smile:

    I like "I Hate" :hug:
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