Complete loser in every sence.

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    I'm sick of living as such a worthless and useless being. I've never won anything, have no talent, parents whom lie to me to cheer me up which pisses me off, and have suicidal, homicidal, even genocidal thoughts every day, The only reason I haven't killed myself yet is simply because I am too much of a chicken shit, too do so...No that's not right, chicken shit can at least be used a fertilizer, where as I cannot because I'M SO DAM USELESS!!! That and I'd screw it up like everything else I've ever done. Ya, I know I've problems that is why I'm here whining about my life which is presumably better than must (not my opinion) as I've a good family, all smarter than I, yet my life is awful in my opinion. I can some up my life like this; imagine seeing a cake or pie right in front of you. It is the most delicious looking thing you've ever seen, but guess what? You want a piece? TOO BAD! While you watch everyone else enjoy it, the most you/I get is shit on. <- My life in a nut shell
    Nothing ever works for me. Nothing ever goes the way I want it to. So fuck life, screw living, I welcome death with open arms, I hate being a FUCKING FAILURE!

    ^_^ (Face just for shits and giggles)
    I apologize for the inappropriate language.
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    Hi Raver...I have felt that way myself many everyone else got on the worthy line and I was left thing I see is that you are a good that something you do for a hobby? I was also wondering if you say everyone else is smarter than you in the family, if there isn't a lot of pressure on you to achieve...again, that is very stressful to live with...I hope you find the support and acceptance you seek here, and please PM me if you would like to hear more about how many times I have called myself worthless...J
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    Hi sorry you feel that way Not a loser hun just haven't got the breaks yet in life That one door will finally open and you will feel good about you I have always felt lower then everyone around me but that is depression it makes one see things so bleak so dark. I hope you can talk with your doc and see what can be done to help you hugs
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    A loser is a label a judgment, if people are calling you that they're merely defining themselves and not you. Judgments prove more about the person making them then the person being judged. Take the Nazi's for example they scapegoated jewish people and viewed them as a problem. When in reality their perception was the problem. Hate really does shows much more about the hater then the hated....

    Sometimes bad things just happen, you have to accept where you're at and move on.
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    While I appreciate the support I've nothing I enjoy in life, and when ever I do it is quick to be ruined. I think I've angry problems as well. I find that when ever I fail at something, even as simple as a game, I completely lose it. My mother says I've an explosive temper yet when I said I need to go to anger management my parents said I don't need it and to just stop doing anything that aggravates me. Problem is literally everything aggravates me as well as depresses me.
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    I was the same way. I recently found something I enjoy doing and that is going running everyday. It sometimes is challenging, but when I go running, it feels like I am stepping away from the world for a while. I think you need to step back from the world too and really... really find something you would enjoy doing in your life.
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    I used to enjoy playing fighting games and playing guitar, however I realized I suck at both and never really made any improvement. Now they just depress me. I can never enjoy anything in life for when I do something always screws it up for me.