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Complete & Utter Loser

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by TheLonelyWanderer, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. TheLonelyWanderer

    TheLonelyWanderer New Member

    first of all i didnt know if this is the right place, to post this so ill keep going.
    I live with my dad who was in the army and very set in his ways, so he always thinks hes right, and im just sick of him constantly being on my case, hes been violent to me in the past.

    Another big problem is he can be the best dad in the world by gettin me presents and stuff but of course he can equally be the worst dad in the world by hitting me and constantly puttin me down, and you obviously know how a dad teaches his son about girls etc. well my dad hasnt done that and its resulted in me just turning 18 and not having a SINGLE girlfriend at all in my life got zero experience sexual or otherwise, and i see all my friends havin tons and tons of girlfriends, but thats the 1 thing i just cant do, ive tried dating sites, changing ma appearance to make me more attractive, you name it ive tried it, im not succeeding well at college either so i havnt got that to fall back on, but i mean i dont wanna be one of these sad people who just work constantly

    All i want out of life is a nice girl who i think is attractive, i dont care what other people think, and i just want sum1 to luv is that too much to ask for outta life?

    Ive tried to kill maself 3 times before now, by smashin ma head against a brick wall, tried drinking myself to an early grave and ive tried slashin ma wrists with my house key, needless to say they all failed miserably, im sick to death of my life, i didnt ask to be brought into the world and i really wanna call last orders i reallly dont know what the hell to do anymore
  2. Alonewanderer

    Alonewanderer Active Member

    You're young plenty of time, oh and by the way nice screen name :)

    I didn't really start talking to women until later on in my life if you want tips from me I suggest:

    1. pumping iron
    2. manscaping
    3. new pair of kicks

    Nothing makes you feel like a million bucks knowing you got a killer workout and new clothes, use that positive energy to just walk up (with a smile) and randomly talk to any girl you deem cute. If she smiles back just cozy up and talk about what YOU want to talk about. If she can sense that you're not bored ( you've always got to speak passionately) she'll reciprocate a response and you can always take it to the next step from there. If she's smiling back and keeping up with the conversation then it's a good sign that she's attracted to you or your personality. I find the best time to talk to women is when I have nothing to lose or to gain, ergo I can do whatever I want and not care if it doesn't go well but most likely it will.

    Warning: following my tips will get you laid....alot.

    Don't expect an overnight difference when you hit the gym, it takes time ALOT of time if you want the best tips to get the "body" check out body building forums for the best way to achieve your goals. Working out can act as a mood stabilizer too and that sore feeling makes me always feel alive, maybe it'll work for you too.

    Don't let your past or past experiences determine who you are, let you and your current actions become who you want to be or be perceived in the present. That's right, your first impression ( or 2nd impression) can be completely what you want to set it as.
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  3. TheLonelyWanderer

    TheLonelyWanderer New Member

    i did actually forget to mention that i did get myself sum new clothes, nice new converse shoes and a new spikey haircut
  4. Alonewanderer

    Alonewanderer Active Member

    After you picked up the new image, how did you feel when you saw the whole ensemble put together?
  5. TheLonelyWanderer

    TheLonelyWanderer New Member

    i actually felt okayy about it, i loved my new hairstyle especially and my friends were saying that it was guaranteed to get the girls and im still waiting and that was 2 years ago now ive had 26 straight rejections
  6. Alonewanderer

    Alonewanderer Active Member

    Let's go into detail on these 26 straight rejections, throw out some examples and where you think it went wrong.
  7. TheLonelyWanderer

    TheLonelyWanderer New Member

    simply the fact that they just dont like me, i dont know any girls that do
  8. Alonewanderer

    Alonewanderer Active Member

    Seems like you want the easy way to meet a girl, like through friends, man I'm not going to lie the best women that I've met were all strangers. I'd just walk up to them and talk to them about movies most of the time, especially horror movies. The conversation would just flow naturally and I always made sure to keep it upbeat and not mention exes.

    What's making them not like you? Women pick up on confidence and happiness, even if you're not happy for that moment that you are talking to them, be happy that you are seeing eye to eye with them.

    Let's break this down step by step, tell me what happens after meeting.

    1. you meet girl
    2. ?
    3. ??
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