Completely out of control with Bulimia.

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by NothingThereAllAlong, May 26, 2009.

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  1. NothingThereAllAlong

    NothingThereAllAlong Active Member

    I joined here a couple of years ago. Maybe last year. I didn’t post very often, and things are a lot different than they were back then. However, they still aren’t going well.

    I have been lurking here for the past month, just waiting to come out and say how I’m feeling, and today is the day.

    I have been battling an eating disorder for the past eight years. I’ve had all of the eating disorders, but my predominant eating disorder is Bulimia. I’ve suffered physical complications from this: organ damage, heart damage, and so on.

    I’m out of control with Bulimia right now. Way out of control. I’m seeing a doctor and therapist, but they don’t realize the severity of the eating disorder, or maybe they don’t care about it.

    I was wondering if anyone here is out of control with their eating disorder?

    I’m also completely out of control with suicidal thoughts and feelings. The only thing keeping me here are my pets (one of which is a small kitten that I‘m not even allowed to have; because of a mean apartment manager).

    I have no friends, but two people who aren’t very nice to me, but that’s all I have for friends. I’m pretty alone here. I have tried to go about making friends, but I live in a rural town, and have not had much luck.
  2. swimmergirl

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    I am so glad you were brave enough to post this. I have been battling bulimia for the past three years and it has only gotten worse over time even though I have been in treatment for it and keep trying to recover, I just keep falling down. It sucks. I know it is killing me, but I can't stop either. I also stopped telling my therapist and doctor how bad it is and they don't really ask anymore. You are not the only one.

    Do you have any desire to give up your eating disorder? I do and I don't, I can't imagine life without it, sad, I know, but true.
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