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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by whynot, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. whynot

    whynot Active Member

    I've been doing this a lot lately. I used to be very lenient with my purchases, never buying things in excess yet lately I've spent close to my entire monthly income on expensive items, month after month. I could have a lot of money saved if I had some more self control. I feel like living in the moment though or something, even if it means my life will be shitty in the future because of it (though I don't know how it could be any worse except for pure homelessness) I don't have any direction in life or prospects any how so I don't know if I should enjoy myself with these stupid purchases or try to actually save. I don't give a fuck about myself so I might as well enjoy myself while I can, I guess.

    Sucks though because I used to exercise, diet strictly, bought only the essentials and now I'm spending $1000's of dollars on guitar equipment shitty food and beer and sitting on my ass most of the day getting fat. There would be nothing wrong with this if I were a musician in a band living the dirty life and having sex with young women but I'm just a lonely ugly loser that nobody would want to freely associate with and people would either feel sorry for or just think I was pathetic if I actually socialized with anybody. I don't make a lot of money either. That’s the thing though. I'm like the lowest social and economical strata and I'm doing this. I guess I'm just the lowest on the bell curve so it figures I would do retarded things such as this. Oh well, I'm crazy anyways. I'll enjoy being an ugly feral muppet inebriated and playing shitty music to myself.
  2. whynot

    whynot Active Member

    hah they turned me down because 999 is too much to purchase without having any credit.
  3. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    Are you running into debt or are you flowing ok with your spending and earnings?

    I'm all for living in the moment, and personally, if you take out the negative approach you've written about yourself, I rather liked your post. It doesn't matter what you do in my opinon. I don't define someone by the job they hold. Saving moneys fine.. but when do you live? And yes, saving money is a good idea, but not at the expense of living the moment. I'm not too sure how you are going to find out what you want from life if you worked then just saved your money and did nowt.

    Sometimes getting new things gives us a fresh feeling. It doesn't last long in some cases, and thats usually related to something else. Sometimes we place this feeling that we get over something else thats causeing us distress. Could be your feelings of self worthlessness, or lack of direction, or something else.

    Before I suggest things, do you think its a need to spend or a need to try new things?

    I'm in similar circumstances. Hope you're ok guy. Write back
  4. Dunwich

    Dunwich Member

    I don't know if this helps, but I still compulsively collect Transformers and other toys. I guess I lost the ability to really have friends I could enjoy myself with around the time I turned 8, so I keep buying stuff that reminds me of that time. This is something I never stopped doing from childhood though, so I can't exactly relate to your compulsions that kicked in recently. Anything happen to you recently to trigger this? My only change was that when I started living on my own at college, I started losing the ability to keep anything organized, and now my parents' house is cluttered with piles of my crap. I think it's some sort of hoarding OCD. Even if I got over it, my sh!tty job pays too little for me to support myself.
    Just thought something to compare your situation to might help.
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