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Concentratation is gone

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by normaljoe, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. normaljoe

    normaljoe Well-Known Member

    I can't concentrate. I can't hold a thought. I have been taking nyquil to go to sleep earlier than i need to. I just dont want to be alone and awake. Trying to read for school is impossible, ** denotes intrusive thought** "plaintiff can not convey porperty rights, *you're a failure*, he does not have, *any clue what you are reading*".
    I feel like im trapt in a fog constantly. I just hate everything and everyone. Im not sure how to tell my friend or my room mate that no, i dont want to play video games, i dont want to hang out i just want to sleep away the rest of my free time until my next obligation arises, do it and then go back to sleep. Im miserable beyond all belief with no reason for it. I cant tell you whats wrong i cant tell you when "ill be over it". If i could maybe i would have something to look forward too. Until then just leave me a lone and be with me at the same time because i dont want either one right now.
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  2. ToBeAtPeace

    ToBeAtPeace Well-Known Member

    I understand. My concentration is practically non-existant right now. I have also taken sedatives to try to deal with the pain. Have you see a doctor?
  3. normaljoe

    normaljoe Well-Known Member

    Yea im on 200 mg zoloft (sertraline) daily. I flushed my other meds for fear of abusing them. I am trying to set up a an apt with a new therapist but we are playing phone tag and the process is super slow.
  4. SinisterKid

    SinisterKid We either find a way, or make one. SF Supporter

    How long have you been taking sertraline for? It can make your mood drop before improving it when you first start taking it. i take 200mg as well, which is the max dose and I take Mirtazapine with it as well as a kind of booster because sertraline didn't improve anything. I have severe depression and my concentration is terrible as well. It could well be a part of your illness, or a side effect of the medication, or possibly a combination of both. Can you talk to your doctor or psych about the problem?
  5. afterlifepig

    afterlifepig Well-Known Member

    have you tried ... cofffee?! i personally view caffeine as a cure-all though it can be hard on your heart.
  6. Disconnected

    Disconnected Member

    I have the same problem, I have an exam this week but I can't concentrate (if I can even get myself to start studying first..)

    Sometimes I think that just not all people were meant to study and have a job, even though our system pretty much demands it. Some people don't need all these meaningless things of consumerism, they just want their rest, shelter, food, sunlight and the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves. Create art when they feel inspired, maybe just to decorate their environment.

    To me, the stress of mainstream lives is not worth the money, so I have no motivation, and without motivation there's no concentration, even more so when you're depressed.

    I'm saying this because I want to know if you feel the same way as I do.. I'm sorry for my rambling, I wish I could help you better. Good luck with school and life, stay strong.

    PS, caffeine makes me hyperactive and easily distracted, so that's not an option
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  7. normaljoe

    normaljoe Well-Known Member

    Mirtazipine makes me a zombie, its like a 24 hr out of body experience. I try taking 30mg 15 mg it doesnt seem to change. I sleep great on it though. Ive been on zoloft max dose for 2 years now. Going on three.
  8. normaljoe

    normaljoe Well-Known Member

    Yea i drink a lot of coffee. The constant exhaustion kinda forces me too. I cant be sitting idle or else ill take a nap. I have to be watching tv or doing something.
  9. normaljoe

    normaljoe Well-Known Member

    No i dont unfortunately. Ive found some joy in reading court cases as a kid and teen so i decidee to persue it as a career. For the most part i am content with it. Its just that i cant ever seem to stay that way. As soon as i lose focus im done, my mind doesnt go back. Motivation is killer for me, i have to guilt myself into everything. I didnt even do todays readings for class. So im freaking out over that right now, despite sitting in a char watching a wall drinking coffee before school starts.
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