Concentration, focus and commitment

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  1. justMe7

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    Any thoughts on the matter?
  2. JmpMster

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    Concentration and focus seem very much similar to me. Both very useful and important skills but ultimately can have a negative impact as well (like when it turns to obsession). Commitment is the most important of the three, because without commitment the other two are simply useless wastes of energy and emotional strength.

    Just my opinions of course.
  3. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    In what context, Blake? Just random comments about concentrating and commitment?
  4. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    If you'd like.

    I had a more contextual question, but I took a step back from posting it. I suppose my query right now is on dedication more than anything, on the ability to do something and make it a part of your life and "being" and have it mean more in your life than those "day dreaming" shifting thoughts that can take over.

    I find that just getting what I want into a mental position to be extremely difficult, like an astronaut position the ship along a flight trajectory. Just knowing it when I wake can be difficult as I feel flooded and hazed into a smudged blur where nothing is isolated. Then to rekindeling that connection with what I desire just to motivate myself to wanting to do it and re-defining that focus. Then when I am actually attempting to do it, combating my frustration or all my conclusions and negative perceptions as I am performing that task. I tend to waver, and emphasise something of a distracting nature, or total shift of care. It's fundamentally linked to concentration and commitment, aswell as apprication for current abilities.
    Age old challenge I think. I've got all my answers and understandings in my head, but it's so mucked up atm, doing something for more than 5 minutes isn't happening. I'm at that stage where that harmony can be there, but the mental discipline to maintain multipul awarenesses is so weak it's paralysing. Like im running around in circles to be honest. And im tired of it, I know alot of reasons for why and alot of reasons for what will maintain and keep things constant as I perform tasks through all the challenges both personal and external..

    I'd call it a sevre lack of structure tbh.
    Meh... sorta a dead thread. doesn't matter I suppose on my context.. sometimes it's just nice to hear how these parts of our lives are important to other people. Reminds me that they have a value to other people, and in turn reminds me of the value they have for myself. Hard to feel them and use them when I simply don't, and don't even acknowledge their existence except to myself in a fleeting spark at times. Things tend to disappear if you don't appricate or re-inforence them.
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