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Concerns about My Mum

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by luci76, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. luci76

    luci76 Member

    Hi all, well I need some help, my Mum has tried to commit suicide 8 times now, in the last year & half, by taking her prescribed tablets. She has gone into hospital then been release a few days after.. The last few times she has gone to resussitation, then put on the ward til the doctor says she can go home..
    She sees a psychiatrist on a monthly basis, & has the oppertunity to go to meetings once a week, her last overdose was on Friday, I rang the center (her Doctor) to say she had overdosed again, she had a meeting the following day & he said that he dosen`t think it nessasery for her to go in to Hospital to be assess & for help.. What do I do, I feel that its not going to be long that I dont have a Mother..
    The family has tried to be supportive but this pattern keeps on continuing..
    Please Help..
    Any Info Greatful Luci x
  2. hello,
    I guess there isn't too much communication going on with you and your mum at the moment, probably because she won't let you in to her world.
    She has good reasons for this, as its not very nice in there at the moment.
    I'm not too sure how this forum works, or wether advice is acceptable, as a little knowlege can be more dangerous than no knowlege. But i guess the one thing that would help your mom is to try and show her that she is needed i.e...she has a roll to play as a mother, and that its vital that she plays her because only she can do it in an authentic genuine way.

    If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got.
  3. luci76

    luci76 Member

    Yes we do comunicate, the problem is that my mum & dad split up 5 years ago, they both have partners now but my Mum finds it hard to let go, (she was the one who ended the relationship).. She has had depression for over 10 years.. She is on a lot of medication, Seroquel, Prozac not sure on the names of the others, but since taken Seroquel she seems to of gone down hill, she dosnt want to kill herself, but when she feels down she drinks & takes tablets.. She has a pace maker & because of taking over doses she now has a heart murmur as well, also having test on her liver & kidney at the Mo, I dont understand why the doctor has not signed her in, (she wants it too) I am trying to get a meeting with him.. We have all helped as much as we can & the doctor is giving her all the help they say they can, but it hasnt done a thing.. what do we do???
  4. D3ath

    D3ath Well-Known Member

    Err.. Guess i'll just spit this out .. Drinking alcohol while on antidepressents stops them from working and can do more harm.

    Also have you thought of getting a 2nd opinion from another doctor?
  5. luci76

    luci76 Member

    Yes, im trying to find out how you go about it, I am putting in a complaint.. Im just not happy with the lack of support she is getting, im so worried that may be the next time is going to be it..
    I know with the drink she says she wont drink But..
    I wish I could make her better
  6. Its frustrating, you can't seem to get the help you need.
    Reading your threads uptil now and looking at things from your mums point of view, she seems to have placed herself in the position of 'checkmate'. She can't seem to see a way out of her despair, apart from the pleasant numbness that she seems to crave, as that is exactly what she is achieving everytime she drinks, which is also usually a outcome of anti-depressants, mix them together and it becomes a pretty attractive place to be.
    Unfortuantely and paradoxically for your mum, it seems that being there, is much better than reality at this moment in time.
    Eventually most people realise that there fractured mind, lets in some light, that illuminates the darkness.
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