confabubbled :/

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    can't be bothered with a real title.. or anything. motivation all gone and the next two weeks are going to be up and down and i just want to get it all out of my system. i should be happy but im not. its the babies first birthday next week then the day after is when the puppy comes home then a week later its the anniversary of my beautiful soulmates death and im all over the place about everything :/ i should be HAPPY i've wanted this for 16 years.. waiting, broken promises and putting up with my family but now what?? its here and its all wrong. i feel like they're using me to their own gain and everyones just going to ruin everything and ffs i should be writing this in my diary not here wasting peoples time but i really cba to be so fucking neat about my thoughts right now. i hate what a bloody PERFECTIONIST i am when it comes to some things. i just want to be sloppy sometimes but i just cant bring myself to it ARGH on top of that my feelings for my ex are all over the goddamn place he tells me he misses me but after all that happened - HOW?! i want to shoot myself right fucking now, honestly

    dont worry about replying or anything. more of a temp diary entry that isnt in my diary cause im feeling too crappy to be neat. hahh. whatever
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    dam brain sometimes goes all over the place i understand I hope releasing some of the confabubbled helps you not be so confused and in pain. keep venting okay it does work.