Confession to myself and help

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    i just have to confess to myself that I have no friends whenever I say it people say I'm just being negative and I do but I literally have none I have zero people who support me or care about me in real life I'm not one of those kids whose just weird and no one likes me I used to get girls and party and have friends but I had some tramatic things happen to me like 2 years ago and I literally forgot how to socialize and I can't speak to people anymore I don't know what to do I can speak good when I'm behind a keyboard and people say I'm really funny and cool but in real life because of some the personal very tramatic things that happened I literally just can't socialize it's like instinctual like I want to be outgoing and talkative like I was before but when I try to speak my body won't let anything out like I physically can't force myself to do it it's so hard to just say hello everyone thinks I'm just a loner who doesn't like people but i seriously can't like socialize and I used to be amazing at it I was the guy everyone loved I would walk through school and work and everywhere and people were like hey that guys so awesome but now I'm around people who never saw that side of me and don't know what happened to me and I'm someone who like needs approval of other people to feel like I'm worth anything and I can barely squeeze out hey I need to learn how to fit back into this society because currently in my life I've hit my breaking point and I can't take the lonliness anymore my family doesn't even care about me and I'm not being over dramatic they literally don't like me they have told me I'll amount to nothing I feel like I'm on an island all by myself while the rest of the world is on the mainland and I don't know how to build a raft I just don't know what to do anymore I've been trying to open myself back up for two years but I'm so hurt on the inside its nearly physically impossible for me too do that please give me some suggestions on what to do
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    I would really suggest you try talking to a counselor/therapist to deal the with trauma from a couple years ago as clearly it is still having a devastating effect on your life. If after 2 years on your own you have not "fixed" it , it is time to get some expert help ....