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Confused and depressed

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I have had a great few days with my mates in fact yesterday we did nothing but laugh and i felt really good and up, however i am sat typing this cos when i ewent to bed i started having my nightmares again which has completly confused me. How can you have a really good day then have nightmares? Obviously having the nightmares has brought me crashing back down and now i'm scared to go back to sleep even though i have to be up in a few hrs, i really don't know what to think or do. :sad:
If you have the same dream/nightmare every night, you might have post traumatic stress disorder.

I'm not saying you do, I'm just suggesting it as a possibility.

For me, I had the same nightmare for over a year and also pretty much everynight. I didn't know what was going on. My psychiatrist said it was post traumatic stress disorder and I think she was correct.



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Know what it's like to be afraid to go to bed. Nightmares used to be terrible. I'd wake up screaming or walking around. Haven't had one for awhile. I agree with ExtreemWays it might be PTSD.


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Nightmares are horrible. I had some vile ones a couple of months back. They did die down but are starting to get a little more vivid now. Nightmares can make you down, depressed, not want to sleep and I think mine made me suicidal. Keep talking about them, bring it up with the docs etc. Don't let them mess up your sleep though hun :hug:

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I agree. It's definitely good to talk about them. I had bad nightmares in middle/high school. I mean, it got to a point where every now and then, I didn't even want to sleep because of them. Talking to my doc about them definitely helped. I wish you the best. :hug:
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