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    I don't know where to start and I feel pathetic that I feel this way. I found this website because it did pop up when I was looking for painless way to die. I find what I'm going through really hard and frustrating at the same time...a big part of me has no desire to be alive and I feel like it's the best option and at the same time I'm the bread winer in my family so I think of how unfair it would be on them which makes it even more hard because there's an inner conflict that I have. Death feels for me right now like a good option, just to end it all but I have to live for the sake of others and I'm not coping. I did get professional help but that didn't last too long.
  2. Few years ago, I was just living for the sake of others and it was really painful. But I loved them so much that I wouldn't be able to leave them with the pain. After years of that I learned that they have so much faith in my strength that of I'll go away they'll follow me and I don't really want that to happen to them. So with time I learned that u need to love the smallest things in your life. Even if it's just ice cubes. I know it's hard. But try to have in mind that the little things r the most important. Just look around and spot something u just simply enjoy interacting with. I know it's sounds stupid but please try it. It might help.
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    Thanks,what I struggle with is trying to tell them but the more I try the worse it gets. I have this fear of impending doom, I get paranoid so easily when I think they know that I'm experiencing pain and it's getting to a point where the pain is starting to outweigh all else
  4. Maybe u should only tell one person at first? The one u feel that would understand the most and will give the most help? Don't worry, everyone experiences pain, it's normal so I don't think u should be worried about anyone finding out. I think if they would know you would just get help from them.
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    What are your goals short term and long term?

    Have you talked to your primary care doctor about your feelings?