confused? deep cut but no blood?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by poeticxxxtragedy, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. poeticxxxtragedy

    poeticxxxtragedy Active Member

    yesterday i had a really bad cutting episode =/. anyways i cut really deep on my wrist. it stopped bleeding? now i`ve got banadges on it and i think it might be infected. theres white and grey puss coming out like crazy. i don`t know, at first it looked like it could use stiches but now i`m not so sure. anyways is it normal for a cut that deep to stop bleeding or have barley any blood?
  2. fae8002003

    fae8002003 Guest

    ok, that sounds like it is definitely infected. You should take it to a doctor. And I'm not sure why it stopped bleeding exactly.
  3. poeticxxxtragedy

    poeticxxxtragedy Active Member

    ahh im so confussed. when i poke it or something it`s hot and its sticky. it`s like, closed with puss. i`m taking tylonal. i don`t know if i should go to the doctors? i`m only 14. nobody knows about my S.I. ahh. i`m confussed. =/
  4. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    I don't know about the blood thing, I haven't experienced cutting & there not being any blood. But what I do know is the puss situation sounds bad and it would be a very wise decision to see a doctor. I can understand about not wanting your SH to be out in the open but I think at the end of the day it is better to take the risk and let people know about your self harm and receive support, other than to not go to the doctor and the infection gets worse and could mean an amputation or other negative health implications. :hug:

    In the meantime make sure you keep the cut clean and covered.
  5. poeticxxxtragedy

    poeticxxxtragedy Active Member

    amputation? :sad:
    idk. i can`t exactly walk up to my mom "Hey look what I did last night and now i need help"
    gah okay i`m being dumb, i`d rather be safe but i don`t know. =/ i`m scared to let anyone know. and i`m still totaly confussed about the no blood thing. there was a little blood and when i woke up there was blood marks on my pillow but now its just closed with puss.
  6. consciousinsane

    consciousinsane Well-Known Member

    14 or 41 years old, it don't matter. If it's not bleeding something has to be wrong. Could there be damage to the veins? It's DEFINITELY infected!! Blood poisoning is a good possibility among the other problems people have already said. You really need to see a doctor. And in the long run, you will see that outing your SH will be a positive thing in your life. It only gets worse and it's not worth it.

    Have you tried to make it bleed? It's normal for cuts to stop bleeding, but if you try to make it bleed again, then it should.....after the puss is squeezed out.
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  7. Always Alone

    Always Alone Guest

    I've just been through the whole infection thing, and you have to go to a doctor.

    I know its scary but if you don't it's gonna get worse, people used to die off infections before antibiotics were available.

    If your 14 your probably still at school, so I guess If you want to keep your SI secret you'll have to wait till the weekend before you can get to the doctors. To stop it as much as possible try the following

    Bathe in in salt water (I know it stings, but it will help)
    Lance it with a sterilised needle to get the pus out of it
    Keep antibacterial cream on it
    Try to keep a bandage on it, while not doing the above

    The odds are that if you go to a doctor, and tell them you don't want anyone to know, they'll keep it quiet, so long as they think your trying to stop.

    Good luck
  8. poeticxxxtragedy

    poeticxxxtragedy Active Member

    i dont know if i can say this and i`m new and all so yell at me if i cant but when i was doing it i was trying to make it bleed. i think i may have it fat tissue or something but after going over it with a razor repeadtly i gave up and went to bed. i woke up and saw the blood marks and the puss all over it. i ran it over warm water and put some bandages on it. i went to school and after lunch i checked the bandages and they were coved in puss. i have at least 10 anti botics left over from a cold. and now reading all that stuff i`m so scared i`m crying :sad: can someone tell me what they do to you if it is innfected? like you go to the doctors and then what? =/. i think i`m going to tell my older sister.
  9. consciousinsane

    consciousinsane Well-Known Member

    Sisters are good! I would do that if I was you. First thing to do is calm down. I really don't think you'll die in the next 48 hours because of it. My sister, happens to be a CNA and I just texted her and she says, "I think there culd b damage.if infected he shuld watch 4 redness going up the arm which wuld indicate serious infectn" So, just keep an eye on it, and talk with your sister. Good luck!!
  10. poeticxxxtragedy

    poeticxxxtragedy Active Member

    theres a little redness around the cut but thats all. the thing is it doesnt really hurt? i don`t know. i have school that i can`t miss so saterday i`m going if it gets any worse. thank you guys a lot<3333.
  11. Flatliner

    Flatliner Guest

    Are you sure it was actually pus and not just clotting factors?
  12. poeticxxxtragedy

    poeticxxxtragedy Active Member

    well...i don`t know what that is? i mean, not trying to sound disgusting but it`s oozing out kindaish? also it`s really hot. it`s white and grey.
  13. Flatliner

    Flatliner Guest

    Clotting factors are what makes your blood clot to help seal up wounds. When it all binds together it produces a substance that is sometimes mistaken for pus, although generally it's a white-yellow-ish colour.

    If it's a grey-white substance then it probably is pus, which means the wound is infected, which means you need to get it seen to by a doctor. At this stage it isn't an emergency as such but the sooner you get it seen to the better, mainly because the longer you leave it the nastier the scar will be.

    If you don't see a doctor at all the infection will likely get worse and the infection will spread up your arm and eventually into your bloodstream. That takes a little while to happen from a smallish cut on your arm though so don't panic.
  14. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    I thought I'd add on the redness & hotness are part of the infection, too..

    It may be helpful if you look at this thread: Complete First Aid Guide
    Scroll down to second post for cuts.
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  15. poeticxxxtragedy

    poeticxxxtragedy Active Member

    i`m going to try and see a doctor saterday..but the thing is like what do they do? as weird as this may sound i`m terrifed of pain, other people putting pain on me? if that makes sense. do they just look at it or?
  16. Flatliner

    Flatliner Guest

    It depends how infected it is. He/She may just look at it and prescribe some suitable anti biotics. Or it may have have to be cleaned, which can be painful sometimes but not too bad. It's a grit your teeth kind of pain I suppose.
  17. Come What(Ever) May

    Come What(Ever) May Well-Known Member

    I know this sounds crazy but I've been on a piercing sight for a while and I'd say the best thing you can do is soak it in warm sea salt water (should be able to find it at a local grocery store) at a ratio of 1/4 tbsp salt for every 8oz. of water. This will pull the puss out naturally leaving the wound clean. DO NOT USE TABLE SALT.
  18. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    You might of cut and artery or vain and a vessel spazzamed to stop the bleeding. I know that spelling was terrible, forgive me.
  19. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    I AGREE!!!! It is DEFINATLY infected and Resistance is right, and yes that's infected I have had lots of them and really bad to where I could have lost one of my legs, you can't mess around with this, if you are going to cut, which you shouldn't because it's not safe, you have to take responsiblity to clean the wound and go to the doctor if need, that's part of self harm, if your gunna do it, you have to deal with it. You need to go to the doctor....I've had a problem with this 10 years....I know please take care of it.

    Take care :hug: :hug: :hug:
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  20. Come What(Ever) May

    Come What(Ever) May Well-Known Member

    my bad that was 1/4 TSP. But yea it's no substitute for medical help.
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