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    okayyyy so i'm in a long distance relationship and i have no idea what to do. my gf has changed in the last month and a half, before she would talk to me as much as possible, we would always go on cam for each other so we could make it as much as possible like we were actually physically together considering i live in toronto and she lives in regina, and like now in th epast month shes been pushing me away and shes been like not really flirting but just talking like she used to talk to me when we first met to like a bunch of other guys, and like right now shes home alone, and one ofthe guys is over at her house, and btw she met this guy online :dry: and she JSUT met him for the first time in person yesterday, (btw i have met her in person two times) and like i've talked to her about her changing and she just says that cuz of the distance it depresses her talking to me cuz it makes her miss me but like i'm going to see her in a month, and after that i'm gonna go in a nother two months so its not like we dont ever see each other, but like she makes it seem like were never gonna get to see each other the way she talks about it :sad: and before she used to do like all these sweet things for me, and well like i just dont know what to do :( should i break up with her? should i just tough it out? like i'm getting really hurt, cuz sometimes she'll get really pissed at me for like talking too much to her and she'll jsut tell me to shut the fuck up :sad: so i dunno help please? advice? anything even just helping me feel better i've been feeling pretty depressed for the past month
  2. I'm sorry that she is doing that to you. That isn't right. I really hope everything works out with you and her, I really do. :)
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    okay well just in case anyone wanted to know,
    she just told me that we needed to take a break :dry:
    she toldm e that she still loves me and taht i'm still her number one and her hero but....i dont know whether she was being truthful or jsut trying to comfort me :sad:
  4. I'm sorry that that has happened.
    I'm going through some hard times with my boyfriend too.
    I think him and I should take a break, because he's being an ass to me like everyday.
    I really hope that everything works out with you and her.
    Best wishes, and good luck

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    Sorry to hear that, the internet is a POS, theres where my ex girlfriend met the guy she cheated on me with, but its ok cause ill have the last laugh, i know everything about the guy so imma stomp his head in. i dont think yous hould do that i just needed to get that out it was bothering me keeping it in.

    just remember theres always more fish in the sea.