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confused on what to do.

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Jenny:[, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Jenny:[

    Jenny:[ Active Member

    i'm so sick of everyone.
    i'm always a kind, approachable person and i don't complain too much.
    but, i honestly cannot take my family anymore.
    all my mom does is complain and nag the hell out of me, meanwhile kissing my brothers ass. all she does is complain about me and praise everyone else. it's not just me, this is why me and my x broke up, cuz i'd take it all out on him. (he's seen the way my family acts firsthand). i've tried to talk to my family about this many, many times. on top of it all, i have like, ZERO friends left. they're either shitbags or we haven't talked in so long that it'd be akward as hell now.
    i really miss my ex and he wants nothing to do with me. =[
    i guess i'm just a mess.
    i'm tired of being bored and lonely, i don't want another relationship, but i don't wanna stay in all the fucking time.
    and i've come to the conclusion that i can't even kill myself if i ever wanted to because people would find out shit about me that i don't want them to.
    aaaaaah, someone please talk to me.:sad:
  2. SoulRiser

    SoulRiser Well-Known Member

    Hi... sorry the people around you suck... it's probably not your fault though.

    I know what you mean about the awkwardness thing. Try it anyway though... it might help a bit.

    Favouritism is a horrible thing when you're on the wrong end of it... :/
    Why does she do that?
  3. LostNConfused26

    LostNConfused26 New Member

    I have similar problems with family and the people around me. My life has been great up until early this year. I was very content. Then things take a turn for the worst in my life. Im hating everyone, i can't sleep and i don't have an appetite. I evaluate my life and I feel like a total looser. Whenever i want to talk to my bf he seem to always be too busy with his life. My Dad and I don't talk and its very awkward to be living here. i dont feel at home. I have nightmares and afraid to go to sleep. most nights i spend out at my bf's house but im not allowed to sleep over there. I feel like im in highschool. I feel stuck. I am well into my career but because of my depressed state i've missed work a lot. They still keep me employed because they look up to me and they say they are very pleased with my work and can't be replaced. I have one problem after the other, whenever i need to discuss things with my bf i guess my timing must really suck. I've tried and i'm very annoyed and tired of trying. I've given up friends and family to spend time with him. I feel like i've been living for him all this time while he continues to live his happy life.
    Now im in a mess and i need to fix my life and be happy again. Im depressed most of the time. I want to get away so bad. Start over and fresh.
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