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  1. RJ5

    RJ5 Member

    I feel fine, Im recovering from psychosis but generally speaking I feel ok. That said I keep having constant thoughts of suicide even though I dont feel suicidal. Its really strange, I just cant get it out of my head. Wherever I go I have this preoccupation for finding ways to do it. I dont feel suicidal but I fear that all these thoughts of killing myself may one day come to something more serious.. Its just very confusing, some insight to whats going on would be gratefully received.

  2. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    RJ, saying you are recovering from psychosis makes me think you currently have some professional psych help.. Think would probably be good to make them aware of all your thoughts regarding suicide..
  3. frantic

    frantic Well-Known Member

    i agree with jim, but also know that recovery is a very risky time. people are actually at really high risk of killing themselves during recovery. that's why one requirement of discharge from hospital is usually that you can not be left alone for the first anywhere from 24-72 hours. you have to be with someone 24/7 during that time. generally, the first week after discharge, the risk is highest.

    that said, i can relate. i, too, have been contemplating suicide without actually feeling suicidal. it is a very strange feeling. make sure you let someone know how you're feeling, preferably a professional.

    goodl uck!
  4. RJ5

    RJ5 Member

    I talked with my therapist about the suicidal thoughts and also with the samaritans through email. I felt much better after talking things through and slowly they subsided. Its truely terrifying to constantly be thinking of ways to kill yourself with the conflict of not wanting to do so. Its something I struggle with periodically it seems, hopefully each time it happens Ill gain new skills in dealing with it.. I didnt tell my care coordinator, only my therapist as I felt she would be more understanding. Luckily for now that was all the support I needed.
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