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    I'm not sure what i want in life anymore. a lot of people would say i have everything i need, a nice home, a loving family, support. but there's one thing im missing and i cant put my finger on it. i think it might be friends.. i dont really have any. there's people i know and talk to but they aren't friends, more acquaintances. the lonliness drives me insane. I'm always at home alone doing art, talking to people that aren't really there. i do need just 1 good friend. someone who i can just hang out with. I'd like to have someone i can talk to about things that i cant talk about with my family or psychologist.. someone i can trust and can relate and just be there for me. but sometimes there's days i dont feel like talking at all, I'd like to just be able to sit there with them quietly and listen to the silence and just hold them and have a conversation without words. but i feel like no such person exists, just another silly fantasy ive made up in my head. but having 1 friend would be so lovely
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    i find the friends i have made on line more real then the ones i never had hun they have been supportive and understanding more then i could ask for really all one perspective i guess
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    friends online are definitely great, but i miss being with someone in person even if there is no speaking just having company can be nice