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    I feel so broken and empty inside and kinda lost in a way..


    A few weeks ago I went to visit my very best friend who I've known for approximately 7 years now, this was the first time that we met and I ahd a wonderful time there!
    I met great people, had lots of fun etc.

    But, I met this certain person..
    She was so magical, and nice and beautiful, like she wasn't real.
    We spoke and I told her how I felt and she did too, and well..
    Private stuff was discussed.

    Then when I had to go home, I couldn't stop crying..
    I couldn't stop thinking about the possibility that I'd never see her again,
    never hold her in my arms again, never make her smile again..

    And now I am home and I just don't know what to do or what to feel.
    I just want to go out there and scream at her that I love her,
    but I am afraid to fall in love, afraid to hurt either her or myself or both..

    I don't know what to do, I don't feel at home anymore, I feel uncomfortable and weird at home,
    I can't do a thing without thinking about her..

    Does anyone know how I can well..
    Get over this or something?
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    What are you wanting to do really? Are you looking for a way to forget the experience (that would be sad to forget that magical experience even if it never became more - learning to simply appreciate it for what it was as opposed to forgetting about it might be nice) or trying to decide if there is any way to contact and see if there is potential for it to become more?

    There would clearly be obstacles to seeing if more could come from it but maybe it is one of those things where getting that answered , even if it is a solid no, might be better than wondering about now or for years?
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    Is it because you do not want to hurt your friend you will not contact the new person you met i can understand that Now you can have two friends ok and see where both will lead hugs