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ok well wat im mainly confused about is like if being able to see the future is actually possible. Yesterday i was reaserching on telekinesis cause i found alot of interest in it, then at the end of the day at like 9:00 i was watching the excersit parts I , II , and III. well i guess if yu've ever seen it yu know that in part I the girl is watching tv and on the telivision they talk about telekinesis by bending a spoon. So wen that came up i was like really shocked. Another time that i had dealt with the future before it happened is like 3 weeks ago i got out of bed and like my body didn't feel ready to go to skewl then i told my self it was going to be a bad day today and then i had told my parents that i didn't want to go to skewl cause i wasn't feeling to well. so at that time i was basically following my instincts. Then when skewl was out my bestfriend had called me and told me that the fire alarm got pulled by 2 students and 4 of my friends had gotten into a fight. the next day on the news paper i read that a 16 year old boy cut a senior during skewl time the day i was absent ( the day b4 ) buh luckily it wasn't my skewl. I dunno if this has anything to do with it buh i USED to be athiest and i USED to play with the ouija board (the game of the devil as people call it) and i USED to be into wicca and witchcraft. but now im like totally into god and i go to church and everthing. is there something wrong with me??:sad:


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no there is not anything wrong with ya my dear! We all have those days that we just know something is going to happen may not always be bad sometimes it is something good. My thoughts are that you was not supposed to be there that day so God directed you in the path to take that day. i have had the same situtation. Right after i got my EMT certification i got sick, that week there was a accident with the ambulance i would have been riding in. no injuries though of the 2 that was in it but the other guy was messed up. If I had been in the back of that ambulance I would have been hurt really bad. Sometimes he directs in some very mysterious ways that we sometimes we can't even explain. Put your trust in Him and hang in there. Pm if you have anything else to atalk about.
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