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I'm so confused right now and to top it all off im not even sure what im confused about.

I know the next few weeks are gonna be hard. I made a promise to someone that i wouldn't do anything when i had planned to but i'm soooo scared that i won't be able to keep that promise. What if i can't keep that promise to her? it doesn't even bare thinking about. I'm so confused this date, about what i do, about how i feel and my life.

I don't know what i want from life, i dont even see a future. I don't see myself living past 20, i really don't :sad: how can i concentrate on a 'future' if i don't see one an never have.

Even this monring kinda confused me, i ain't stopped thinking about it and im not sure why, because it felt good and i want to happen again or because i regret it. I think i know what i think about it but theres this little thing in my head telling me otherwise. Why can't do i things that make me happy, i've allways gotta think about what other people will think, seeking constant approval from people, i really don't get it. I'd had a bit to drink and things did get a little heated but it felt right at them time lol urgh i can't explain it. :unsure:


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You can make it past the date, and you can be what you want to be hun.
Do these things for yourself and not because you promised them to someone else. I know how confusing things can be. There are no definite answers in this life. We are given the opportunity to make many choices. These choices define what happens in the future. You can have a futre past 20, hun. But you ultimately have to make the choice. We are here to offer you support and give you a hand through the difficult times. Hold on for all that it is worth. I have faith in you to succeed. :hug:
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