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Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Shannøn444, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. Shannøn444

    Shannøn444 Active Member

    Recently I have been talking to my ex girlfriend a lot more again, we never really stopped talking merely decreased the amount we spoke. I would like to think we are friends even though I have never stopped loving her. I am currently with someone else, who is great but I can't help still having feeling for my ex. I know surely I shouldn't be in a relationship if I have feelings for someone else but I really love my girlfriend. I have been listening to my ex talk about her feelings for someone else and can't help being jealous and wishing she still felt the same for me. Although she treats me quite badly and can make me feel quite bad about myself I still care for her and want her to feel the same.
  2. heydad75

    heydad75 Member

    I can understand how you can be confused with your thoughts about your ex-gf. Relationships are hard enough especially when we are thinking about other people. Ex-gf are always hard to forget. But what about your current relationship? Are you 100% committed to this person? Are you focused on making your relationship great regardless of feelings? I would encourage you think about making your current relationship great. Sometimes we need to get away from other thoughts and focus on what is in front of us. Hope this helps.
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