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    Everyone thinks he's this monster but I see another side to him. I hate what he did to me. I hate that he acts like it's all okay. But he's my child's dad and my child looks up to him. He is the only reason I see my child. He's a good dad. He is always nice to me. When he hugs me , touches my back or moves my hair. Asks me if I'm single says we should go clubbing. Sometimes I wish this was just a one night stand because then maybe this idea of being a family could be okay and worked on. I don't see him as this monster I am left confused at this loving caring person I see and heart broken that he wants me and it's not that simple
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    Hugs. That does sound confusing.
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    I would recommend trusting your instincts here. He hurt you very badly once before, there is no guarantee that he will not do it again.

    Do you think he ever uses the opportunities you see your son, to try and manipulate you? It almost seems like to me he is using your son as bait, to enter a relationship with him. I really get the impression this guy is a predator, hun. Maybe he is no nice to you because you guys are out in public, but behind closed doors?

    Just out of curiosity are you his only victim, or have there been other claims against him? If you don't know, you may want to contact the police and see if they have a file on him. I just never heard of a rapist stopping voluntarily. Most of them are sadist and they enjoy hurting other people. Be careful hun.

    Take Care Mysterious One =)
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    I really don't know much he was an illegal immigrant when it all happened now he has citizen ship sometimes I feel like I got to play the game otherwise I wouldn't see my son but my heads a mess
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    I know it is. Being a mom is very important to you. Of course, you want to be around your child; because your heart hurts because you miss him. From the little bit you shard with me, he does not sound like a very good father. If he treats his son like that, he will treat you worse. Listen, I am your friend, you know I care for you. If you were to move in with him, it will turn into a nightmare scenario. He hurt you very badly before, he will do it again. You can not trust him, he is a predator. He will hurt you, in horrible ways. That will hurt B. to see his mother being hurt. This guy is a monster, he is dangling your son to lure you into a trap. X, please listen to me, this is not a nice guy. He is just pretending to be nice to lure you into the home. Contact children services and try to get B. removed from that home, the monster treats him badly. Please , trust me here. I care for you. The only thing I will ever want is for my friend to be happy. This scenario will not do that. This scenario will just hurt my friend.

    Please contact the local police department and see what kind of file, they have on him. I promise you, you are not his only victim. He is a monster, he will not stop. X, please listen to me. You know i care for you.

    Take Care my friend