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    I like him and he likes me. Or so other people say and so says his mother to mine.

    But he's 18 and im not. I've heard from several people that that alone is illegal, but i thought it would only be if we had sexual relations...but i know that would come up eventually before i become 18.

    All i think about is being with him. Being in his arms and having him talk to me like a normal person. Not as anything below him or weird. I want to hear him talk to me and make me laugh over the stupidest things and then tell me again i have a pretty smile. All i want is to be able to tell him i love him as much as i do, but i cant and i just want to cry and hide from this world that prevents what i need or crave.
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    Probably not what you want to hear but:

    if you truly love him, you'll wait.

    *hugs* it can be very hard if you love someone.