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  1. hopeless

    hopeless Well-Known Member

    i don't really know what's going on. i was doing so good. i was actually making progress. now i'm fighting not to slice open my wrist again. i wish i knew what was causing this pain. i know of my past pain, but i've dealt with that. i'm moving on. i miss my hubby, maybe thats it. we've been apart for almost 3 months with only one visit for just 2 days.:sad:
  2. DownwardSpiral

    DownwardSpiral Well-Known Member

    I am sorry to hear about what you are going through. You have made progress in the past and you will make progress again. Sometimes we step back but we have to keep looking forward.

    I can relate though, I was on an upswing for a week. Then I have a couple of drinks last night and before I knew it I reached for the belt and put it around my neck. My partner of 10.5 years started traveling again this week. I will be home alone from Monday through Thursday most every week for a year or two.

    My situation is not the same as yours but if you want to chat just send me a PM or IM. Good luck. We can make it through this.
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