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  1. ConfusedOne

    ConfusedOne Guest

    I know what i want.
    They have a problem with it i know.
    They can't get past it.
    Puts on a brave smile and acts like it doesn't bother them.
    I know them far too well to fall for it.
    Tell me that it doesn't.
    Can't even bring them selfs to tell me the truth.
    If they can't have them then no one can right?
    Its fucked up.
    Maybe i should do something about it.
    Last chance.
    If it happens again then i'm done.
    Walk away forever no matter what.
    It's doing my head in.
    Knowing they have a problem with it.
    I'm not gonna be in a relationship when it feels like theirs 3 people in it.
  2. in_love

    in_love Guest

    i know what this is about, a i DONT have a problem with it. we agreed not so long ago that it was a clean slate, one final chance. if u cant get over this maybe its time for me to leave u to get on with ur life?
    i promise u that THIS is what i want, that YOU are what i want. I LOVE U, I WANT TO BE WITH U, I NEVER WANT TO LOOSE U. i thought i was doing my best to pove that to u, guess ill have to try harder eh
  3. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    I have an idea who this might be and if im wrong im sorry.

    Love is not easy, love falters, but if it's true love than you will pick up the pieces and make it work. If one still has feelings for someone else you both have to sit down and talk about it..see if there is hope..if not make a clean break and love each other as friends.

    A destructive relationship is unhealthy and dangerous so please be safe. :hug:
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