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  1. GirlOfTears

    GirlOfTears New Member

    Okay, i dont know what is wrong with me i feel down all the time i constantlythink about me dieing, i feel alone, i can have fun and laugh but then i just switch to not wanting to be alive and have thoughts of some how dieing, i really want to die and dont know what is causing this feeling and i dont know what to do about it. Ifelt like this about 5 months and have been fine and its just started again...

    Ive OD on a full pack of blood pressure tablets and had a bottle of vodka and a any other acohol i could get ive done this about 4 times now all that it has made me do is feel like my heart is going to come out of my chest, my head banging from a head ache and feeling ill... nothing else :confused:
    I dont know how the hell i woke up?

    I dont want to feel like this anymore, i dont know what to do... I need help... i dont want to be here
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  2. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    Gear GOT,I'm deeply so sorry to hear how you're feeling but I strongly advise you can you please see a Dr asap?I am all for talking to you anytime you need,and I have Bi Polar depression and have those similar thought's as you've described from super happy and jovial and in a matter of second extremely suicidal and in tears.It is extremely distressing of course,but you must get help asap please.
  3. GirlOfTears

    GirlOfTears New Member

    I dont know where to go... im scared to go to a doctor or anything, Im stuck?

    Please try and help me in any way you can
  4. andyc68

    andyc68 Guest

    don't be scared of a doctor hun, it seems scary to open up and admit to a stranger how you feel inside but they are there to help, when i went to see mine i was petrified but took a deep breath and just went in to the surgery, by the time i saw the receptionist i was in tears, told to wait and 5 mins later they got me in, i saw doctor and totally brokedown, but, he listened, asked questions and then helped me with meds, time off work and councilling.

    i have been back several times and its been a great help.

    we can listen and talk to you hun but as i found out it is up to you to take the first step and the doctor will help.

    be safe and take care
  5. OMG i have the exact same thing. u go 2 certain people and you don't have a care in the world but then the smallest thing can happen n u don't c the point of nythin anymore? u get so obsessed of wether people care that u sumtimes convince urself they don't? Mayb i can help? if u feel lyk a huge rant then plz pm me. i know how u feel.
  6. GirlOfTears

    GirlOfTears New Member

    thank you for talking to me, it feels like nobody understands whos close to me... and some things i know upsets me and theres other things but i dont know what :confused:
  7. its the least i can do. no-one understands because they can't, no-one can know how it feels to be you atm. from my own personal experience, people close to yoou can help sometimes but your better off not really telling any of your mates the details because they won't understand and they'l do summit stupid and then you'l feel worse.

    If you know there is someone really special who knows you really well and someone who you feel really comfortable talking to then by all means go for it but just leave out the graphics. You say you have fun and laugh but can then just switch to being depressed, well just treasure any good moments then. FInd out what it is bout these moments that makes you happy and use it as something to keep you around.. summit to luk forward to. really let yourself go when your happy because then when your sad and feel like killing yourself you can look back at what you might miss. For me its the competetive ness of rugby and bein wiv ma mates etc. and being willing to put ma body on the line for anyone of those guys because thats what makes me happy.

    anything there ring a bell? anything you wanna ask? already said if u feel real sad then jst pm meh. xxxxx Thinkin of u <3
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