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    As I've grown into adolescence I've come to be more confused about things I feel like sexually and sentimentally. And it's eating away at me. I've had these feelings towards boys that I don't want. At school I've had multiple crushes on boys. And I had to push them back because these aren't anything I want. I've never had the same kind of feelings for girls and it makes me think why not. I've had multiple people ask me straight-forward if I am or not even by my gay or bi friends. I've even been insulted with the same words that refer to it. I've denied it over and over because I can't be. I'm just confused. Something must've put me off girls or something. Really sometimes these feelings don't bother me so much but then later I get disgusted by them and more so after since I wasn't the same before. I'm more disgusted that I've acted on these feelings and kissed multiple boys though with nothing intended or any relationship in sight. More as a gag. I've kissed 1:3 ratio of girls to boys with one girl I didn't even know that well. I'm confused. Because I don't want these feelings and I think probably something happened to make these feelings come up. If they did I can make them go away if I know what did but I'm not sure what could've happened.
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    Take your time, its early days for you, things are confusing in those early years, do what makes you happy, deep down inside you will know what that is.

    If it turns out your are gay, then its only this big massive thing if you let it be, it doesnt have to be that way, gay guys cant help liking other guys any more than str8 guys can help liking girls, thats just the way it is, nothing can change the way you feel, not even you.

    Like I siad its early days, but you will work it out, it might be a tough time for a while, but you can get through it, what ever way it turns out.

    Relax, try to enjoy yourself, what happens, happens, do what makes you happy, try not to be scared, it will get better, either way, honest.