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    I don't get this.. after going to school for 13 years (Pre K through 12th grade), the last 3 years having major depression and only wanting to die, one suicide attempt in 11th grade, after all of that is finally over, the longest break from it all is 3 short months before having to go work before college in January even though they are able to pay for it + I have some money in savings account.

    This is my dad's doing. Although I know he's trying to help, it's like he just doesn't think. Maybe this is why his previous wife committed suicide.
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    You sound pretty stressed, I hope you're ok. Yeah your dad just doesn't understand depression probably, how it can wear you down. You need to tell him if it get's to much to bear though. I don't know how old you are...maybe you could move out, he sounds kind of controlling. Just don't let it get on top of you, look after yourself.
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    I can't pretend to know what your dad is thinking or feeling at this time. Please don't blame him for the death of his first wife. There are probably many issues surrounding her death that you were unaware of.