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    i dont kno where this goes or even if it belongs on the board.

    Ive been so confused lately...should i be in school? should i give up for now? Do i hate god? or do i believe? Could i have done anything to save mom? or did i make her worse? Mom kept her faith even when she knew she was dying, how? how did she do that? She'd been thru hell for almost 10yrs, i just don't understand.

    been in a bad place for so many weeks and early this morning i thought i had pulled myself out of it but after the melt down an hour ago i kno now that being "happy" again was just wishful thinking.....Im never gonna be "happy" again. :sad:
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    Hey instead of worrying about the big stuff right now, try little things instead. You're emotionally exhausted right now. Give yourself a break. Instead of thinking about God, think of yourself. Try getting up in the morning and first thing ask yourself "what is 1 thing I could do today just for me?" Maybe take an extra long hot shower? Treat yourself out to a decadent pastry for a treat at lunch? Rent a movie you really want to see and get some really trashy junk food? Anything that would be just for you. Then the next day do the same thing. It will give you a goal to try and achieve and maybe even keep your mind off the big stuff for awhile, atleast until you are feeling emotionally stronger and better able to cope with them.