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    There is this girl that i like, and i am sure she likes me. We were sort of together a few months back but she just didn't trust me because she thinks i just wanted to use her for a bit of fun. She knows i can be a bit of a player so that is why she decided to stay away, but the thing is i really do like this girl and she doesn't believe me.
    I am sure she likes me still because she keeps on about what girl i'm seeing and also she keeps rubbing the names of guys she's seein in my face.
    When i told her i was going to end my last relationship, she kept saying have u ended it yet and so on.
    Now she has this new guy but doesn't stop talking about him when i am around her. she even wants me to meet him. Is she trying to make me jealous or what? She is gettin on my nerves!!!!
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    From the sounds of things it does sound like she is trying to make you jealous but on the other hand when a person does meet a partner they get along with it is common to talk about them frequently. If she does want you to meet him then take her up on her offer if she is just trying to get you jealous then she will be suprised that you do want to meet him. But if in a month its still going on then just leave it and move on its not healthy. All the best .