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    I know i have posted here before about this same subject, but i need some help here. How do i let my boyfriend know that i want him focus more on me? like spend more time with me instead of playing video games or what ever. I dont mind him doing his own thing, I just wish he would spend more time with me at home. Seems like the only time he wants to play around just for fun not sexually is when we are out some where like the store. we never go out for diner or anything like that because we dont have the money, but i mean we could go for a walk in the park or something for free. but just seems like everytime i bring it up he says i am nagging him or that he does spend time with me i just dont want to see it.....idk some one please give me some advice. i guess i am just not cut out for this relationship stuff.
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    Maybe suggest that you guys do something that he likes doing together? Then you can do something that you like doing together. Just a thought.
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    I have tried that. i dont like downloading programs on my pc, but i put maple story on my pc so that we could play together because he is into games. and i have brought it up a few times and idk i guess it just is not action-y enough for him. i even tryed to get into playing the game he spends 90% of his time on. i just couldnt get into it. Idk i think i might have a slight touch of ADD I cant really get into anything i know every one has their own little version of an addiction, i just cant find mine. idk maybe i am over reacting about the whole situation.