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    My ex told me he loved me and then 3 weeks later dumped me saying he still loves me but "might be happier with someone else" and that he can't control his feelings for her although he loves me....but not her!

    He phones me obsessively accusing me of sleeping with other guys now I'm single and finds really bizarre excuses to contact me (such as I bought I new TV today you should come down and see it) etc

    Says I'm much more attractive than her but he's deliberately ignoring the fact that she is obese so he can learn to accept people for what they are! WHAT THE HELL???
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    try to ignore him..

    he is trouble..


    WARUMONO Member

    Yeah, seriously. Get away from him.
    Stalker material, much?
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    he's a head fuck, in other words he wants his cake and eat it, problem is i dont even see why you need to post on here, he split up with you erego forfeiting all rights to complain even if you fucked 20 men per night, stupid excuses to get you round are "chances" for you to end up in bed with him, dont fall for it and point out clearly that since you split up you should not see each other for a while as to recover from it, no sex, no chitchat, your now a free agent! his cock is overpowering his heart and its all too common in us men (even im guilty and learned the hardest way of all) and the test of how much a man loves you comes in him ignoring lusts and staying faithful! he made his bed, now let him lie in it!
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    can't stop crying

    I went over his at the weekend like a moron, I slept with him and we were very lovey-dovey for the few days then all of a sudden he's ringing me to say "I dont think its fair that you wait for me to sort my head out we should just be single"

    I am this close to just walking in front of a car my mind is fucking melting under the confusion this guy is landing me with.

    The sad thing is I want him back and cant stop crying about him. I don't want anybody else Im in love with him :'(
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    That's really harsh. It's the flip side of love. I can't really give you advice, but if you want to talk or blow off steam pm me. I'm a good listener :hug: