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  1. Cloudy_Eyes

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    I had a great day today! Yet, I caught myself thinking about what it would feel like to jump off a bridge... I haven't had thoughts as bad as that for a while. I dont understand why I would think such a thing on such a good day in my life....
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    I'm glad that you had a great day. You're not alone. I have those random "bad" thoughts sometimes.

    What I do is I try to remember all the details of my good day.

    And I store them in my special memory box for my bad days.

    I know that bad days are going to come but I don't live for those. I remember how I felt on the good ones and remember that good days are just around the corner.
  3. Cloudy_Eyes

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    Thanks so much. I was so disappointed in myself for having those thoughts. Thanks for the advice!