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    i dont know what to think.. to be honest i have never really been in a lasting relationship.. it has just never worked out..and i am not looking for a relationship in particular. a lot of ppl think i am gay because i dont like to dress up or wear make up and cuz i dont have a lot of guy friends.. but i dont have a lot of guy friends because i dont trust them (due to my past).. i have had three relationships with guys, but i have never really felt the same way they felt about me.. i have liked guys but they havent liked me back.. in the past i have had lesbians hit on me.. i didnt mind at all.. it actually felt kinda good.. the most recent was last semseter in college.. there was this girl, a friend of a friend from high school... we met and kind of hit it off.. we had a couple of drinks and she started getting friendly.. we made out and i liked it a lot, next time we hung out the same thing happened, but the make out session was a bit more intense.. i asked if she was gay and she said she liked bothguys and girls, but there was this guy that was interested in her so i stepped out of the way.. they make a cute couple, but now i am left with doubt and confusion.. am i gay? was it just an experiment?? am i just insecure?? is it because of my past??..
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    personally i can't say what it means for you. for years i was afraid to admit that i was gay so i dated girls (what little i did date). i even fell in love with one, once but it was never a physical attraction, i just loved her as a person.

    that being said, i do think there are people that are truly bisexual. in my experience it tends to happen more often with women, or at least they are more comfortable in talking about it.

    either way, i think it's just something you have to figure out for yourself. there is nothing wrong with experimenting with someone as long as you don't lead them to believe something else. and you might decide being with a woman is what you want for now, but later find yourself attracted to guys again. who knows.

    either way, i would say don't sweat it too much and just enjoy and follow your heart where it leads you without any preconceived notions of who you are "supposed" to be.
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    thanks.. i appreciate it. i ll try and figure things out. we ll see how it goes. :/