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Ok so Ive had some depressions and all that, but sometimes I just think about people who are in worse situations like me for example people dying of hunger in Africa, and I'm not dying of that I have a big house and a pool I have friends yet my life feels so empty so I just think that its unfair for me to be depressed when those people are dying because they dont have basic needs.
I'm no martyr and I dont want to become one, but sometimes i feel reallly really sad.

Does anyone else feels like this sometimes?
Pain is relative, just because someone is in a worse situation than yours, doesnt make your pain inferior to theirs. I know what you mean tho, i often feel that i have no reason to be depressed but i am, for the past three days i havent eaten and ive barely gotten out of bed, and i have no idea why. My pain is painful to me, as yours is to you. Someones situation maybe worse than yours but it doesnt mean their pain hurts anymore than yours does.
I know how you feel hun, but it's pointless comparing your situation to other people's because there will always be people worse off than you. It's not how bad our situation seems in the face of other people's that matters - what matters is how badly it affects us.
I think we all feel like that sometimes though.
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