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*SA trigger*

My friend says that i can't have memories of my r*** and sexual abuse, because i was "too young" to remember any of it, that the detailed memories i have of it are "false memories". Could this be true? Could he be right? I was around 2 years old when i was r**ed and sexually abused.
Hun, a mind is a very mysterious thing. I remember detailed things of my father chasing my brother around beating him up, and I was 3 years old, also as I got older around 6-7 years old my step fatherstarting physically and sexually abusing me.........I remember in detail there too.

I honestly think that your friend is wrong, how would they know, are they in your head?...I doubt it....

It is so hurtful when people say it's not true or so and so blah blah.... I want you to know I am here for you anytime, and I am sorry that all that aweful stuff happend to you, I know it is so very hard to work through, but life can be wonderful, once you beat the illness in your head that hides the goodness in the world.

Take care and I will pray for you.

lots of love,
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