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How do doctors and everybody decided how "bad" some ones depression is? I'm so confused right now because I have different people saying different things about if I even have depression or not, I know its my fault that they are saying different things though but I can't help it.. Sometimes I think I am a complete fuck up that needs more help than I am receiving but when I say this it makes people think I'm okay because I'm recognising my feelings? But then on the other hand I think I am completely fine and imagining the emotions (and sometimes lack of...) Please someone help if you can :/

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professionals look at many things when it comes to depression if you are isolating yourself if you are sleeping long time or your eating habits have changed if you are having thoughts of harming yourself You have to be open honest with them or they will not see you sadness okay. If you cannot verbalise what is wrong type it out okay and hand them the note. Many things they look for these are just a few of the symptoms.


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I've definitely been isolating myself, I stopped going out with friends and stopped going horse riding (I've always gone since I was a very little girl) I haven't been sleeping more, but less if anything.. I'm up until quite late and wake up very early in the morning, often waking up during the night as well.
My eating has changed dramatically, I simply don't eat until I feel I'm about to faint or if I'm with my family and they are all eating together.
I've been self harming, but not that deep really... I also did a very stupid attempt at suicide that I'm not sure would even count, it was more like testing my limits or pushing the boundaries..
I also often feel like nothing is real, like everything is just a hopeless dream that one day I will hopefully wake up from.. Everything seems a struggle so I've become extremely lazy which makes me feel even worse. I quite literally hate myself in every way possible.. Yet I still feel like I'm moaning about nothing, my views on my mood changes a lot on how bad I really am :/ its so confusing I'm sick of it
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