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  1. Knottygirl

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    Kinda new at this so hope this is ok...

    Recently my partner of 2 years has started drinking more often and becomes verbally nasty when hes drunk. The next day I ask him why and he apologises, but some how it always turns around to being my fault. Hes always been lovely, but lately its getting ridiculous and hateful.

    He says my depression and paranoir is the problem... so i tried to keep my feelings from him, but now I'm lost... If i cant talk to him, what am i supposed to do??

    I suggested a break up, surely the solution to an unhappy relationship... he said he didnt want to do that... so now im confused.

    Anyone else having the same issue???

    sorry for the rant :S
  2. windlepoons

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    It does not sound good.

    You need to have a talk to him, explain this is who you are. If he cannot handle you, then he does not deserve you, as the saying goes. But he wants to stay with you, so maybe he can adapt?
  3. justMe7

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    Sometimes feelings need a balance, and maybe this is his way of giving his feelings a bit of care. Not the right way by any means. He needs to talk, or yes, have a break. Cause drinking and blaming is a bad way to go. He's got some something to talk and he really should open up or try to. Relationships need to work in tandom, if he's hurting too, he needs to rely on you just as much as you rely on him. Or seek support from a councilor, or someone close to help him gain perspective. He's basically emotionally leaking and taking it out on you, and you dont deserve that no matter what.